P.S.Senior Secondary School, is situated in Mylapore, in a sprawling campus in the cultural hub of the city of Chennai. With a strength of 2700+ students, this co-educational institution affiliated to the CBSE, has been a hallmark of quality education and is known for personality development of its pupils since its inception in 1976. The school, which functions under the aegis of the century old P.S.Educational Society, reflects the rich legacy and the vision of its founder Sri Pennathur Subramania Iyer. We believe that human excellence is the true aim of education and therefore focus on not only academics but on activities that foster holistic development in children, as well. We give enormous importance to sports activities of our children for which the achievements on record stand testimony. We sensitise children to appreciate our rich culture by inculcating traditional values of our great nation and give significant emphasis on character building, an aspect which we believe is very essential in their formative years.

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The Correspondent

Shri Pennathur Subramaniam Prabhakar
Hony. Secy. & Correspondent

Sri Pennathur Subramaniam Prabhakar has been a practising Chartered Accountant for 22 years after having held senior management positions

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The Principal

Dr. Revathy Parameswaran

Revathy Parameswaran received her Ph.D in Mathematics from Chennai Mathematical Institute. Dr. Revathy has 30 years of teaching experience of handling classes 11 & 12.

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We strive to create an enabling environment providing relevant opportunities and experiences which equip the students with knowledge and skills as well as attitudes and values required to face life with courage and conviction.

We believe Human Excellence is the aim of all Education.


  • To offer quality education at affordable cost
  • To create an enabling environment where students ‘learn to learn’
  • To motivate each student to compete with himself to reach his/her true potential
  • To equip our students with winning skills and train them to be competent as well as original
  • To nurture young minds , strengthen their values, and make them worthy human beings

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    The Fourth Estate (TFE)

    TFE (The Fourth Estate) conducts inter school competitions for junior classes “Renaissance” and maintains a TFE board in the science block that showcases the artistic talents of the children across the classes

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