Project Day

Ramanujam Day Celebration

Celebrating Ramanujan Math day is a wonderful way to honor the contributions of Srinivasa Ramanujan, one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. The programs spanned from 3rd of January 2024 to 30th Januaray 2024 across classes from 5 to 11 Class 5 participated in a math quiz, which included questions covering various mathematical topics suitable for their age group. Class 6 conducted a presentation focusing on activity-based learning in mathematics. This approach emphasizes hands-on activities and interactive exercises to help students grasp mathematical concepts more effectively. Class 7 showcased mathematical models, displaying physical representations or visualizations of mathematical concepts. Class 8 engaged in activities using Geogebra. These activities involved interactive demonstrations and simulations to illustrate mathematical principles and relationships. Class 9 took an article from the magazine Atrightangles and gave a presentation using geogebra and powerpoint. It was indeed a great learning processes they went though. Class 11 tackled mathematical problems from past years of mathematical Olympiads exams . These problems engages their creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of mathematical principles. Engaging in such activities helps students develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

Overall, the variety of activities organized by each class demonstrates a exhaustive approach to celebrating Ramanujan Math day. These activities not only engaged students with mathematics but also promoted teamwork, creativity, and a deeper appreciation for the subject.

Science week celebrations

Science Week was held from 4/1/24 to 6/1/24 for students of classes 5 to 11. The purpose was to promote the use of science, technology and innovation to improve the quality of human life, preserve the environment, and enhance appreciation and understanding of scientific concepts in our daily lives.

Students of various levels submitted their presentations, innovative experiments, models, and conducted quizzes for their juniors.

The students in Class 5 presented a role play titled "Different Organ Systems" and engaged in an activity of separation techniques.

A large number of 6th-grade students enthusiastically participated in creating posters and models for a balloon-driven toy car.

In addition, the students from Class 7 took part in a poster-making competition utilizing recyclable materials. And Class 11 students organized a science quiz competition for the 7th graders in a fantastic manner, showcasing the children's excellent teamwork skills.

Class 8 students created digital collages on interesting science topics. Their creativity and technical skills were well appreciated.

Students of Class 9 participated in a model-making competition on "solar energy".Class 11 students showcased simple scientific phenomena using models.

The science experiments, spanning from classes 5 to 11 and covering various topics, proved to be incredibly interesting and innovative. They provided students with experiential learning opportunities through exploration and innovation.

KG Project Day

Students of LKG, conducted PROJECT DAY on different Means of Transport on Thursday,10th November 2022.

Each section has chosen one mode of transport, like land transport, water, air and railways.Project day was inaugurated by our Hon.Correspondent Shri. P.S.Prabhakar.Principal Dr. (Mrs). Revathy Parameswaran appreciated the children for their wonderful presentation.


The Science Week was held from 5/2/22 to 10/2/22 for the students of classes 4th to 11th in our school. Students of various level submitted their presentations ,innovative experiments , debate and quiz . A Large no of 4th and 5th students participated for making models and posters enthusiastically under the few interested topics.Their exhibits were very creative.The model making presentation was appreciated by our principal mam and our correspondant sir. Class 11 students organised a science quiz competition for 7th students in a fantastic way and the children have shown their good team work. 8th students supported the science debate topics with valid reasons and facts.

The science experiments presented by few students of classes 6, 7 and 8 with various topics were so interesting and innovative. Few students of class 9 actively participated in making models and power point presentations.

2020 – Dr. Rayala Suresh Kumar, Professor, Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras inaugurated the Science Project day.

All students of Classes VI to VIII were involved in the programme. It was an insightful learning experience for all the students.

Class 6: Plant Biology , Class 7: Art & Architecture ,Class 8: Fluid Dynamics

2019 – RAMAN FEST (Science Day Project)

  • Date : 8th & 9th February 2019
  • Mrs Vijayalakshmi Srivatsan, our former Principal inaugurated the Science Project day.
  • All students of Classes VI to VIII were involved in the programme. It was an insightful learning experience for all the students.


  • Date : 16th & 17th February 2018
  • Theme : Innovations for Sustainable development
  • Sub theme : Waste management and water body conservation, Transport and Communication,Digital and Technological solutions
  • The objective of the project is to kindle the spirit of enquiring and experimenting in Science and Technology with specific relevance to the identified themes and suggest innovative solutions.
  • The project presented by students of classes VI-VIII includes Charts, Working models and digital solutions.
  • Dr Ananthakrishnan Sivaraman, Consultant Urologist and Clinical lead and director for Robotic surgery, Apollo Group of Hospitals, India inaugurated the programme.
  • All students of Classes VI to VIII were involved in the programme. It was an insightful learning experience for all the students.