Fitness Training Online Mode

Physical Fitness classes have been regularly conducted by Department of Physical Education in the online mode during the pandemic.

From morning Monday to Saturday, Physical Fitness classes have been taken for Primary, Middle and Senior Secondary students for a duration of 45 mins.This included.

1. Stretching and warm up exercises,

2. Locomotors and Non Locomotors skills,

3. Free hand exercises,

4. Cardio-Vascular endurance training,

5. Circuit training,

6. Strength training and full body workout,

7. High Intensity and Low Intensity interval training,

8. Aerobic exercises,

9. Dumbbells workout,

10. Ball and Water bottle workout,

11. Towel and pillow workout,

12. Full body stretching exercises,

13. Workout with music,

14. Stability workouts,

15. Coordination drills,

16. Core exercise,

17. 1 or 2 miles walking,

18. Animal walking exercise,

19. Fun drills,

20. Cool down exercises,

21. Breathing exercises,

22. Eye exercises,

23. Video presentation regarding fitness and good habits.

Stretching exercises and relaxing exercises during the break time.

Physical Fitness Classes as an enjoyable experience

Students of primary School find Physical fitness classes organized by dedicated staff of Right Stride group filled with fun and frolic.