Beyond boundaries

Entrepreneurship Workshop

The Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Madras conducted seminars for Class 9 and 11 students on Entrepreneurship Development.

The aim of the workshop was to provide an overview of entrepreneurship and its importance in today's world.

Ayushman the resource person, guided the students in the ideation and brainstorming process of developing a product. They also taught the students ways to pitch an idea once developed


The INMOTC conducted at P.S.SR.SEC SCHOOL on the 4th, 5th and 6th of January was an intellectually stimulating experience. Around 40 students across different school in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry regions attended the camp and immersed themselves in problem-solving and honing their skills in preparation for the Indian National Math Olympiad. They were taught by Rohan and Adithi, students at CMI, as well professors Anup Dixit and Siddi. It was a purely interactive session which facilitated collaborative learning. Challenging problems and expert guidance facilitated an energetic environment. All the students were given participation certificates..

Lecture on Coding

On 28/10/2023 Dr.S.P.Suresh, Professor of theoretical computer science at Chennai Mathematical Institute gave a lecture on ‘Coding and Logical thinking’. He explained how to fill the Sudoku using Haskell programming Language.


8th JULY 2023, 31 students of class 11 Biology, Ms. Shanthi Sridhar, Ms.Sudha Suresh and Ms.Patricia had set out on a Nature trail to the MCC Campus at Tambaram. Professor of Botany Leslie Lawrence sir and his team of student volunteers guided them on the tour. There they saw the FOSSIL TREE, definitely more than a billion years old. The birds that they spotted in the trail was the beautiful peacock, the spotted dove, red whiskered bulbuls, babblers, warblers, sun birds, mynahs, black drongo, male Asian Koel, several species of butterflies, their caterpillar and pupal stages too. Praying Mantis, Colonial spiders, dung beetles, Domino roach and so on. There was a pond too in the college campus. A beautiful pond with turtles, aquatic snakes, fishes, dragon flies, their larvae, nesting holes of king fishers, few other aquatic birds etc. They also visited the 500 kW capacity Solar Power Plant , Sewage Treatment Plant, a poultry farm, a Piggery, and an aquarium (hobby) fish cultivation pond too on the campus. Their session concluded with an awareness session about the significance of millets - by the students from the Department of Botany.

Boundaries Programme - Chemistry

On 24th June 2023 Dr. T. Sivaramakrishnan, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, R K M Vivekananda College addressed the students of Class XII on the topic “Captivating Chemistry”. He highlighted the importance of Chemistry in everyday life and gave insight about all the chemical phenomenon that occur around us and also in our biological system. The session was highly interactive and educational.


Mathematics Olympiad Training Programme was held at P S SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL on 6th & 7th January 2023.

Twenty city schools participated in the camp which was attended by a total of 42 students.

This camp is sponsored by NBHM.

The resource persons were

Dr. S. Muralidaran
Chief Examination Coordinator, Pre- RMO

Prof. Anup B. Dixit
Prof. of Mathematics, Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Prof. Siddhi Pathak
Assistant Professor, Chennai Mathematical Institute

Beyond boundaries programme for commerce students

As part of the Beyond boundaries programme, a series of lectures have been planned for commerce students. The first lecture in the series was given by Mr. B Ramana Kumar, a renowned advocate and Chartered Accountant on 26/08/2022. The topic of the lecture was Commercial law.

Fluid Mechanics

On Saturday, 09th July 2022 , Beyond Boundaries program was conducted for classes XI A, B and C students on the topic "Fluid Mechanics". The lecture was given by PROF. DR. GOVIND. S. KRISHNASWAMY, Prof of physics at Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai.

The welcome address and Introduction of Chief Guest was done by Mr. R. Sivakumar, the senior vice principal, P. S. Senior Secondary School, Mylapore, Chennai.

The Chief guest started his lecture by interacting with students. He asked various terms involved fluids at rest and fluids in motion. Students responded very happily. He explained the role of Ionosphere in the field of communication. Further he spoke on Viscosity, Surface tension, Eddy current in fluids, tornado, cyclone and the differences between tornado and cyclone. He spoke on the application of eddy current.

Also he explained about the difference between streamline flow of liquid and turbulent flow of liquids. In his lecture he covered all the area which includes wave motion, surface waves, internal waves, sound waves in liquids, Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics which includes wake of a ship.

Students eagerly and enthusiastically interacted with him and got highly benefited out of his lecture. The program came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Gurumoorthy P.

Orientation session on debating

Dhruva Bhat, an alumnus of our institution, who has served as a coach for Indian National debating team during 2016-20 conducted an online orientation session on debating for the select students of classes 9-12 on 21st April 2022.

He covered the basics of debating skills and explained to them the various strategies and tips to prepare for the same.

In this interactive session, he shared his experiences of debating at British Parliamentary and American parliamentary sessions as an undergraduate student. The participants of this orientationasked various questions which he explained with patience, and with practical approach. The one hour session concluded with a takeaway lesson for each student to honing their skills to become better debaters in the future.

On 26th February

Spicmacay(The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth)organised a music event in our school.It was graced by esteemed artists-Vidushi.Dr.Pantula Rama the vocalist,Vidwan MSN Murthy on the violin,Vidwan.Sai Giridhar on the mridangam and Vidwan.Purushotham on the ganjira. The scintalling concert went on for a duration of about 2 hours.

Students of classes 8 and 11 attended this program.The artists performed for the students,in the process teaching them many interesting facts and sharing new details related to the songs & ragas performed in the day.

The students participated with high enthusiasm and cleared their doubts, which the musicians patiently explained in great depth.

It was a morning well spent over a traditional Kutcheri which was also an interactive learning session. All the students were left inspired and motivated after the concert.

On 4th December 2021

A Series of enrichment lectures on topics of interest and relevance is planned for students studying in Commerce group. The inaugural lecture which gave an helicopter view of different topics like GST, Crypto currency, stocks etc., was given by Shri CA P.S. Prabhakar, Honarary Secretary and Correspondent of the school.

On 17th December 2021

On 17th December 2021, G. Shekar who is a renowned Chartered Accountant and a member of the Central Council of ICAI conducted a lecture on the topic ‘Goods and Service Tax’. The speaker also explained excise duty, central sales tax, VAT. This interactive session was found to be very useful to the students.

Maths Olympiad Training Camp 06-11-21

A training camp (4 sessions of 2 hours duration) is organised for Mathematics Olympiad under National Board of Higher Mathematics. The sessions are conducted online. E-certificates will be issued to students who attend all the sessions.

Resource Persons :

Dr. Sankaran Viswanath, Professor, Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Anup Biswanath Dixit, Professor, Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Lecture Series On Thermodynamics 09-08-21

On 07/08/2021 the students of class XI attended a lecture series on the topic Thermodynamics conducted by Dr .I.Arockiaraj , Assistant Professor ,St Joseph's college ,Trichy. Dr.I.Arockiaraj has 23 years of teaching experience and has received medals from Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, ISRO Dr. Krishnan and Dr. Fatima Beevi. He has published 3 books in Chemistry and more than 20 papers in reputed national and international journals. He is also the board Chairman for university examinations. He introduced the concepts of Internal energy and Enthalpy using real life examples which were very simple and easy to understand. The children found it very interesting and actively participated in the lecture.


As a part of Beyond Boundaries program in Physics a series of lectures have been planned to kindle the interest of students in Physics and to help them gain fresh perspective in the field.

To begin with on June 21st Monday, Professor K.S. BALAJI, Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California gave an interesting lecture on the topic ‘LAWS OF MOTION’. He made the session very interactive by relating Physics with day-today concepts.

Day 2 : 28th June, Tuesday

Topic: Vector

MATHS 13-06-21

On 12th June Beyond Boundary Program was held for class XII students. Dr.Parameswaran Sankaran, Professor from Chennai Mathematical Institute and Science Congress awardee is the resource person. He spoke on Problem In Probability. He discussed Monty Hall Problem