Correspondent's Message

I am delighted to pen this first ever message in our school's website. Assuming the responsibility as the Correspondent of P.S.Senior Secondary School, which is a prestigious institution and ranking as one of the best offering CBSE curriculum in the city of Chennai, is indeed a matter of great pride and privilege.

I am enormously proud that the school has a great team of dedicated teachers ably led by a mother-like Principal and hence deservingly enough a student population, that is smart, astute, hardworking and studious. Hence, I am sure that the school which has had a chequered timeline of 45 years so far, having produced a host of illustrious alumni who have excelled in several fields, will also have glorious future. Trust me, the pandemic phase that saw the suspension of physical classes for more than a year has not dampened the spirits of either the teachers or the students. On the contrary, it opened up vistas hitherto unexplored thanks to digital revolution. The challenges posed by the online classes, assessments, reviews by the HODs, Vice Principals and the Principal have all been met with grit as well as cheer. Covid 19, though was dreadful and devastating, also taught us a lot of valuable lessons and enabled us to rediscover ourselves in areas we thought we weren’t savvy.

The founder trustees of the P.S.Senior Secondary School, which is a crown jewel of the P.S.Group of institutions, have left behind a legacy of noble objective which is affording top quality education at affordable cost, with no commercial motives whatsoever. The successive managements have not wavered even slightly nor compromised on the nobility factor. In fact, they have preserved and protected the institutions and even made them qualitatively and quantitatively better. As the proud torch bearers, we march unwaveringly in the path already laid for us and vow to make the institution a pride of Chennai.

School education alone lays the strong foundation for making a student understand and assimilate many complicated aspects of the higher education, when he/she gets there.. Hence, the teachers of primary, middle and higher secondary classes have a tremendous responsibility of inculcating the conceptual education to them, even beyond the prescribed text books, instead of merely preparing them to be mark scorers. I have no doubt, in my mind, that PSSS strives very hard to provide that kind of holistic education by adopting modern teaching techniques and tools. Besides ensuring academic excellence, PSSS also affords myriad opportunities to children to make their mark in extra curricular and sports activities, making the school proud.

In about less than 5 years, we will have our Golden Jubilee and my vision is to ensure that the same is celebrated in a grand and befitting scale, involving as many students, teachers, parents and alumni as possible. I will put my best foot forward to be a good catalyst.


Sri P.S.Prabhakar
Hony. Secy. & Correspondent