Workshops Attended by Teachers


To raise awareness among teachers about Learning difficulties among children and equip them with strategies to help children overcome the same, a workshop was organized for primary and upper kg teachers on Learning difficulties on 06.04.2024.

Mrs.Geetha Raghavan and Mrs.Jayashree Raveendran of Kalvi Foundation were the resource persons. The workshop commenced with a briefing about different types of learning difficulties. Different case studies were presented to help teachers analyze the same.

Thinking Classroom - Orientation for teacher about Assessment and enrichment

Education Initiatives conducted an orientation programme for English, Mathematics and Science teachers handling classes 4 to 9 The training session focused on how to enhance the academic background of students and enable them to think beyond the text through assessments which are more dynamic and student-centered. Mr T. V . Vineeth, from the academic counselling team Ei CARES discussed how to enhance learning outcomes by student engagement, understanding and remediation.

The training session was held on 5th June 2024

Teacher Training for use of Smart Panels

The teachers of the primary department underwent a training on how to use smart panels as a part of Professional Development Program. The training was conducted on 15th and 24th of April,2024 by Mr.Thamizhvanan and Mr.Hariharan respectively. It was a two hour session aimed at equipping the teachers with skills necessary to effectively utilize smart panel in the classrooms.During the training, the teachers were familiarized with the functions and features of the smart panel. The trainers demonstrated the practical applications of the panel in an enhancing teaching and learning process. Through the guided practice sessions teachers of our school share their ideas using smart panels and make the classrooms interactive and engaging.