Manali Trek 2024

The students of Science Group accompanied by Principal Ma'am, Gopalakrishnan Sir, Ramraj Sir and Sridivya Ma'am boarded the flight to Chandigarh at around 10:30 am on the 24th of April on an exciting trekking trip to Manali. On reaching Chandigarh, they took a bus to the base camp and reached by midnight on the same day. The India Hikes Team, consisting of Faizan, Jagdeesh, Abhilasha, Dev, Chaubeyram and Abhishek briefed the students on how the whole experience will pan out. India Hikes team conducted many team building exercises to make the trekking experience fun and enjoyable while helping the students connect with nature. The first destination of the trek was The Gowrishankar Temple. It is believed that the Pandavas had built this temple in just one night using a single stone. The next destination was the Crystal Waterfalls. The second-highest point of the trek was the journey to Kais Dhar that involved a 3-hour long journey by car and then a 3-hour long hike along an almost flat terrain. On the last day, the group went on a trek to Chambagarh Top to experience the sunrise and the 360-degree view of the surroundings from there. The view was surreal and the sight of the reflection of the rising sun on the Himalayas couldn't be described using words. Towards the end of the trek, a few groups of students came up with wonderful poems, skits and essays describing the entire trekking experience. It was a wonderful learning experience for the students.


We, the students of class 11D & 11E (Commerce stream) went on a trekking trip to Perambikulam forests, on the Kerala border from 26th Oct to 30th Oct 2023. We had an opportunity to experience life close to nature from travelling through the thick forests to experiencing wildlife near at hand, to the pleasant weather and the occasional cold showers.The serene mountain view had a very calming, tranquil effect. The challenge of staying away from home in such a new set up could be handled through mutual adjustments. The care and protection given by the organisers and the accompanying teachers was remarkable. We students realised that it is possible to live happy and well in the absence of technology ….In a nut shell, the trekking experience was a memorable one. From this trip we learnt that team work can make our dreams work.



Maraiyur Trekking Trip – October 2023

We, the students of class 11 A,B,C went on a trekking trip from 19 th October to 23 rd October. This trip to Maraiyur was an unforgettable experience. It was a very beautiful and tranquil place which made us feel closer to nature. We saw different kinds of birds and insects which I would probably never get to see in Chennai. The breathtaking mountainscapes with neatly trimmed tea bushes and waterfalls which were silver, reflecting the sunshine is etched in my memory.

On day 1, Mr.Prince, the guide, explained the different kinds of plants and trees we came across while trekking. The highlight of the trip was the Lakkam waterfalls. We had so much of fun in the clear water. Later that day, the main trek to Thuvanam falls was long and kind of challenging. We learnt to share, adjust and help each other during such times. We were also able to see a lot of flowers and colourful fungi. On completing the trek, I felt more confident and good about myself.

The trek on day 3 was shorter but we were still able to see different kinds of butterflies. I loved waking up and exercising in the chilly weather in the morning. The teachers were helpful all throughout the trip, making sure all of us were safe. I am glad I was able to be a part of this trip.

Janani P.K. 11B

Inauguration of Trekking Club

The trekking & experiential learning programme was inaugurated on 29th July 2023 by Shri. Arjun Majumdar, CEO & Managing Director of India Hikes.

Trekking in PandavaPura(Near Mysore)

51 students of Class 9 along with 4 teachers took an expedition to Pandavapura for a 2 day Trek. Day 1 was trekking to Kuntibetta which was amazing. Day 2 was adventurous and thrilling with rock climbing under the guidance of team leaders.Student also took a dip in river cauvery.

Overall it was a memorable and great learning experience for students.

Experiential Learning

60 students and 6 teachers went on a trekking expedition to Himalayas . The trek was organized by India Hikes and the trek was the Dayara Bughyal trek. The students trekked for 4 days(25/09/2022 to 29/09/2022), learned to build, learned to build their own tents and became empowered with leadership skills to face real life challenges with emotional and physical resilience

Mental Health and contemporary issues

On 30th August 2022 an awareness programme on stress management was conducted for Class X students. Dr. Srinivas Rajkumar T, MBBS, MD(AIIMS) addressed the students on “Mental Health and contemporary issues”.

Strategies to cope up with stress

On 20th August 2022 an awareness programme on mental wellness was conducted for Class IX students. Mr. Shankar from Sneha Foundation for Mental Health addressed the students on “Strategies to cope up with stress”

Session On Stress Management For Class 12 Students 10-11-21

Our Principal Smt Revathy Prameswaran conducted a one hour session on “Stress Management – facing exams without fear” for students of class 12 on 10 Nov 2021 in the online mode. The session focused on various factors contributing stress and stress elimination techniques. It was an interactive session and students were asked to give their opinions for a survey through the app Mentimeter. The Principal told the students that exams were only a part of the learning process and not the be all and end all of education. Various strategies were discussed using PPT and a motivational video. She also assured full co-operation and guidance from school teachers, counselor, etc in case students faced stress and fear just before their exams. The session was well attended by all the students of class 12, teachers handling them and by the school Correspondent Sri P.S. Prabhakar, the school Correspondent.

Social and Ethical Impact of Biotechnology 09-05-20

A webinar was organised for the biology section of class 12 of PS Senior Secondary School on 9th May, 2020. The webinar was on the topic ‘Social and Ethical Impact of Biotechnology’.

The session was conducted by a science populiser, public speaker and independent researcher Dr. Rajendra Gupta. The webinar emphasised on the importance of Biotechnology in various aspects of science.

The session was very interesting and informative as it included topics like Genetically engineered food enzymes, mechanism of vaccinations, gene therapy for diabetes, cloning technology etc. It was very useful as we could relate to it in our everyday life scenarios. This session was a great eye opener for the students to venture and establish their career in the field of Biotechnology. From the academic point of view also, this webinar was extremely helpful as we got a better insight and understanding of Biotechnology.

Gender Equality, Feminism And Women Empowerment 04-07-18

My story as a wo(man) is an organisation founded by Subha Nivedha, an alumnae of P.S. Senior Secondary School and a recent law graduate. MSAAW is currently organizing a 6 week workshop with the students of Class XI talking about gender equality, feminism and women empowerment.

Subha says:

Working in schools, talking to students is such an eye-opener as it is the perfect system to discuss topics scientifically, philosophically and ponder over alternate narratives. We don’t have another place which can be more fitting than a school to discuss these because schools promote knowledge and knowledge is power. This might be just one hour in a week, but this could save a child from trauma and better prepare them for the real world where the challenges are more real and bigger. Newspapers inform us of the problems, but these workshops are working towards finding a solution. This is how change happens.

A Lecture on waste Management was conducted for students of Eco-Club 01-07-18

Architecture of Indian History 22-06-2018

As part of the BMW programme (Body, Mind, World) Mrs. Chitra Madhavan a renowned historian was invited to speak to the students of Class VII on 22/06/2018. She spoke to the students on the topic “Architecture of Indian History”.

In her presentation, she spoke to the students, about how Indian Sculptors in the various centuries from the early 5th century to the recent centuries have excelled in the field of architecture showing relevant pictures. She related both South Indian and North Indian architecture during the period of various kingdoms such as Pandavas, Pallavas, Chalukhyas, Mughals, Badhamis and so on.

Students enjoyed the session and were highly receptive to the questions posted by her.