Literary Fest -2023


The Valedictory function of PS Literary Fest 2023 was held on 21.07.23 at Dakshinamurthy Auditorium at 2 pm.The Chief Guest, Mr Raja popularly known as Pattimandram Raja highlighted the role played by the teachers in a student's life and insisted the students to focus on their moral values. Prizes were given away to all the winners of the intra school competitions in English and Tamil along with the inter school debating competitions Rhetoric 23 and விவாத மேடை conducted as a part of Literary Fest by the Chief Guest.


The guest speaker Mr. Bhaswar Mukherjee invited to speak to the students of classes IX & X was extremely proficient and interactive. He explained the salient features of writing a story and introduced us to the wide world of writing stories. He shared certain elements and methods involved in story writing. The main takeaways from today’s lecture were the various nuances involved in effectively capturing your reader’s interest as well as connecting with them on an emotional level. The students found it extremely interesting to understand how writer’s

The guest speaker Mr. Rajmohan who spoke in Tamil was extremely humourous and included subtle humour in what he shared with us. He took us through his life, sharing anecdotes from his life that made us laugh in glee. The way he took inspiration from his life to speak to us students and motivate us is definitely something we can learn from. He also shared an important rule to follow in our lives – 7S: Reduce Sugar, Salt, Stress and Substance usage and begin to increase our sleep, the amount we sweat and how many times we smile. All this will lead to a happier life.


On the occasion of PS Litt Fest, a week-long celebration of literature-based competitions and lectures, the keynote address was delivered by the school Chairman Sri P C Ramakrishna, a renowned theatre and voice artist on the topic “Relevance of Shakespeare after 500 years” at the Dakshinamoorthy Auditorium on 19th July 2023. students of classes 11 and 12 enthusiastically gathered to immerse themselves in the timeless charm . The speaker’s iconic baritone voice resonated across the halls, extolling the enduring relevance of the Bard’s literary works. The students were thoroughly captivated and were enriched by how the poet’s verses continue to guide us through today’s tempestuous times, and provide an invaluable lens through which we can view the world.

This was followed by the screening of “Trinity”,a movie directed by Mr. PC Ramakrishna himself where the students got the wondrous opportunity to experience the story of the lives of the revered Thiruvarur trio—Muthuswami Dikshitar, Shyama Shastri and Sri Thiagarajar. The 2-hour play was filled with vivid storylines of the past and mellifluous singing, allowing the students to gain a fuller understanding of the genius of these hallowed musicians, and how they impacted others around them.