Safety and Security

The safety and security of the students and staff of our school are of paramount importance to us. Government prescribed COVID norms of sanitation , social distancing, etc have all been followed religiously. Accordingly, the school has installed pedal sanitizers at the entrance and social distancing is strictly maintained through constant monitoring and ear marking spaces for footfalls. The temperature of everyone entering the school premises is checked before permitting entry. Face masks are insisted upon and are provided to those who require them. The security officers at the gate maintain a visitor's notebook to collect details from all visitors to the school.

A committee headed by the Principal constantly monitors the safety and security measures of the campus.


  1. Smt. Revathy Parameswaran, Principal
  2. Smt. N. Padmasri, Vice Principal
  3. Shri. V. Thirumurugan
  4. Shri. A. Babu Abraham
  5. Shri. S Sathish Yadav
  6. Smt. R Geethalakshmi (PTA President)
  7. Shri. Ranganathan Sundaram (PTA Secretary)
  8. Aashrith Sudarshan Narayn (School Pupil Leader)
  9. Sahitya Srinath (Assistant School Pupil Leader)