Recognitions and Outstanding achievements

The recognition and accolades the school, its students and the staff have been recipients of, since its inception are aplenty. A sum up of the most important are as follows:


  1. The school was accredited with the International School Award by the British Council between 2012 and 2015.
  2. The school was awarded the Guru Vandan 2016 Academic Excellence Award for the achievement and dedication in the field of education by Mantra Events.
  3. Our school received a Global Partnership from the British Council Teacher Grant. Dr. Revathy Parameswaran and Mrs. Shylaja Vinod, teacher coordinators for the programme, visited our partner schools in Wales in 2013 as part of the same.



  1. Three successive principals of the school are recipients of the coveted National Award to Teachers from the President of India:
    1. Mrs. K. Alamelu (19900
    2. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Srivatsan (2002)
    3. Mrs. Lakshmi Srinivasan (2013)
  2. Dr. Revathy Parameswaran, Vice Principal, HOD, Maths is a distinguished Fullbright Scholar(2013). She is also the recipient of the ‘Best Teacher award from Srinivasa Ramanujam Academy of Maths and was accredited as Global Teacher by the British Council in 2013. She was awarded the ‘Shri Kola Perumal Chetty Best Teacher Award 2016-17’ for her contribution and service rendered to the community for the cause of education.
  3. Mr. K. Kalidasan, HOD, P.E.D., is the recipient of NDTV Best Teacher Award for excellence in sports in 2012. He has been awarded the ‘Jeeva Jyothi Award in Physical Education’ for the year 2016 by Dr. S. Navraj Chellaiah Charitable Trust.
  4. Dr. S. Venkataraman, HOD, Art Department is the recipient of NDTV Award for Best Teacher in 2015
  5. Mr. R. Sivakumar, Vice Principal, was awarded ‘The Best Teacher Award’ by the Lions Club of Avadi and Jaigopal Garodia Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Avadi in the year 2016.
  6. Mrs. E Bhagavathi, HOD – Tamil was awarded ‘ The Best Teacher Award’ by the  Lions Club of Avadi and Jaigopal Garodia Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Avadi in the year 2017.
  7. Mr.S.U.Gopalakrishnan, PGT Maths was awarded ‘The Best Teacher award’ by the Srinivasa Ramanujam Academy of Maths.

Participation in International Programmes:

  1. Mrs. Lakshmi Srinivasan attended the full time intensive course of 12 weeks in Syllabus Design and Materials Writing as part of the CBSE Project – British Council’s ODA at the College of St. Mark and St. John, Plymouth, England in 1989.
  2. Dr. Revathy Parameswaran, attended the International Congress on Mathematics Education in Seoul and presented a paper on ‘Relevance of examples in mathematics and its relevance to school education’ in the year 2012. She participated in the Fullbright Distinguished awards in Teaching (DFAT) Programme at the College of Education at the University of Maryland, USA from August 2013 to December 2013. She also participated in the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education 2016 held at the University of Hamburg, in July 2016 and presented a paper on the theme ‘Formative Assessments in Classrooms in the Indian context’.



  1. Our Students have always performed well in competitive examinations. The best ranks were:
    1. 1987: Rajaram awarded rank 25 in IIT JEE
    2. 1996: Prasanna awarded rank 1 in IIT JEE
    3. 2003: Aravindan awarded rank 28 in IIT JEE
    4. 2005: Anand Venkatraman awarded rank 2 All India Medical Entrance Examination
    5. 2009: Prashanth awarded rank 9 in IIT JEE
  2. Several of our students have done excellently in the International Olympiads
    1. Mathematics:
      1. 1995-1996: Sumankar Shankar: Silver Medal (Toronto, Canada)
      2. 1999-2000: Aravind Narayanan: Silver Medal (Bucharest, Romania)
    2. Biology:
      1. 1999-2000: S.Ashok: Silver Medal (Antalya,Turkey)
      2. 2001-2002: Sruti Srivatsan: Bronze Medal (Jurmala, Latvia)
      3. 2002-2003: Srivats Madhavan: Bronze Medal (Minsk, Belarus)
      4. 2004-2005: Anand Venkatraman: Gold Medal (Beijing, China)
      5. 2007-2008: P G Nandan: Silver Medal (Mumbai, India)
    3. Chemistry:
      1. 2001-2002: Arjun Krishnan: Bronze Medal(Groningen, Netherlands)
      2. 2002-2003: V Aravindan: Gold Medal (Athens, Greece)
      3. 2002-2003: B Vikram: Silver Medal (Athens, Greece)
      4. 2005: G Karthik: Silver Medal (Taipei, Taiwan)
    4. Informatics:
      1. 2006: S Swarun Kumar: Bronze Medal (Merida, Mexico)
      2. 2007: B Venkatesh: Represented India (Zagreb, Croatia)
      3. 2009: V Prashant: Silver Medal (Bulgaria)
      4. 2014: Prashant Mahesh: Bronze Asia-Pacific
    5. Astronomy and Astrophysics
      1. 2014: Shruthi Sridhar: Silver Medal (Suceava,Romania)
  3. Sports and Physical Activities
    1. V Shankar of Class XI (1992) , a Rashtrapathi Scout represented India at the Asia Pacific Jamboree in Japan
    2. 2008: V. Tejas Ravichandran: Gold Medal (boys under 14) at the Commonwealth Chess Championship; and ?? at the World Youth Chess Championship 2009
    3. ?? : N. Vidya: Table Tennis State Champion in Junior Girls Category , Women State Ranking No.2
    4. ??: CH. Anjani and Rashmitha: Represented India as a member of the US sponsored India – Pakistan Girls Soccer Sports Visitors Program organized by ‘The U.S.Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’.
    5. 2014: R. Adhithi: Represented India in the ?? World Cup 2015 ?? qualifying round held at Dhaka in 2014
  4. Extra-Curricular Achievement: Our students have always excelled at extra curricular activities like debates, quizzes, etc
    1.  TCS IT WIZ Quiz-National
      1. 2013 S. Abhinav of Class XI and Bharath Sivakumar of Class XII: National Runner up
      2. 2014: S. Abhinav of Class XII and Arjun Aravind of Class XI: Mega Final Winners
    2. 2011: Dhruva Bhat, X-D, represented Team India at the World School’s Debating Championship held at Dundee, Scotland in 2011.  Dhruva and Sriram Sridharan, class XI were on the team for the 2012 Edition held at Cape Town, South Africa.
  5. Youth Exchange Programmes
    1. International Youth Exchange Programme: Three of our students were selected to visit Japan as a part of Japan – East Asia Network of Exchange for students and Youth programme of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (JENYSYS).
      1. 2008-2009 Ravi Kiran Ramaswamy and Nandita Bhaskar
      2. 2009-2010 Varun Dwarkanathan
  6. CBSE competitions: Our students regularly participate and excel at CBSE competitions at all levels.
    1. Our team represented by R. Hari (XI A) and Venkatakrishnan Sutharshan (XI A) emerged winners in the CBSE National Science Exhibition held at Blue Bells Group of Schools, Gurgaon, Haryana in 2015.