The parents and teachers of the school together form the P S Senior Secondary School Parent Teachers Association,. It was established in 1979 with the main objective of promoting rapport and understanding between the parents, teachers, and students of the school. The PTA also offers scholarships to deserving students and prizes for meritorious students.

The office bearers of the current PTA are:

S.N. Name Designation Email ID
1 Mr. S.M. Rajkumar President
2. Dr.Revathy Parameswaran Principal


3. Dr.K.V.S. Gopalakrishnan Correspondent


4. Mr. C. Swaminathan Member
5. Mrs.Brinda Venkatraman Member
6. Mr. Srikrishna Bhat Member
7. Mr. M.D. Diwakar Member
8. Mr. S. Prabhuram Member
9. Mrs. Veena Krish Member
10. Mr. A.M. Bhalaji Member
11. Mrs. R. Geethalakshmi Member
12. Mrs. K.G. Saradha Member
13. Dr. Vanishree Shriram Member
14. Mr. R. Vinod Member
15. Mrs. Poornima Ravindran Member
16. Mr. R. Sivakumar Teacher Member
17. Mrs. Padmasri Nirmalkumar Teacher Member
18 Mrs. Patricia Lucy Teacher Member
19. Mr. S.U. Gopalakrishnan Teacher Member