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Every year the school conducts science week and project day for middle school and high school students. This is to inculcate a scientific spirit and scientific temper in the students.Various competitions,role plays and activities were planned for the students of classes 5 to 12.

The students of class 5 performed a Role play titled “Different organ systems’ and also an activity based on separation techniques. This was to help students understand complex processes that occur within the human body and also to improve their critical thinking and team building skills.The activity also focussed on analytical thinking and creativity.

For Class 6 students, activities on poster making and working models on “balloon powered vehicles” were organised. Almost all the students from every section participated enthusiastically and it was a wonderful learning experience for the students.

The students of class 7 participated in model making competition. The topics given were “ Creating working models from waste materials”.

Class 8 students were divided into groups .One group of children made models on satellites and the other group prepared organic products using ingredients available at home to promote healthy living. The team effort of the students was well appreciated.

Students of Class 9 participated in model making competition on “solar energy” .It was an experiential learning for the students through exploration and innovation.

Class XI students demonstrated simple science phenomenon using models and supplemented it with power point presentations.

It was greatly rewarding to see students unleash their potential and work as a team to exhibit their innovative ideas. I conclude my report with the famous quote by ROSALIND FRANKLIN that science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated which was evident from the week long celebration.