Congratulations Buddy Mentors

22-08-21 Hema T S 0 comment

Our school Class 12 students Sahitya, Kshiraja and Rashmi are young mentors teaching Govt school children and they are part of remote education program by Bhoomika Trust. The girls are teaching a few students and had built in good rapport with their students.

They have been assigned the responsibility of designing a scalable teen teach initiative for Bhoomika, where students from City private schools could become buddy mentors for Govt school children. The girls were absolutely thrilled and lapped it up. They rose up to it professionally, put their heart into the project and created a model. They built layers to structure it for growth, they designed classifications of teaching interns, design interns, resource interns. They thought through, sourcing of interns, defined on- boarding processes, set up minimum hours of commitment needed and so on.

Bhoomika launched Project Dhrithi- a teen teach initiative, a pilot in Pandeswaram Panchayat, Tiruvallur District on 15th August. The program envisages the teaching interns ( grade 10, 11 and 12) from city schools teaching govt school children of class 6 to 8, remote through zoom and Google meet. They set up an activity centre with laptops, headphones and appointed a local coordinator from the village hoping to connect with 100 students in the course of the next 2 months. This initiative is likely to cover few more villages also with these student mentors in action.

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