A Covid – 19 Info Hub For The Needy

30-05-21 Hema T S 0 comment

Class XII Students create a Covid – 19 hub of resources, a group of 10 students from our school Abhiram, Adithi, Akilesh, Akshya, Aryan, Bhuvana, Darshana, Gayathri, M, Kavita and Sidaarth created a virtual platform that would contain centralised information on Covid resources.

This information hub operates exclusively on Instagram through its handle @cov19infohubindia, where users can reach out to them by messaging their account directly. The team operating the account offers 5 major services – their Linktree, stories, posts, reels and personal aid services.

The Linktree is a web portal which has access to various links that redirect you to websites providing details
pertaining to Cowin alerts, food services etc. The story feature on Instagram enables them to give out live updates on availability of beds, oxygen concentrators, cylinders and leads on home ICU set-ups. Posts and reels are used to carry content that will maintain its relevance over a longer period of time.

However, the key service offered by the team is its personal aid service, which seeks to converse with individuals and
address their need for resources. This is covered by Times on May 30th 2021.

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