Kind Attention Parents

24-05-21 Radha Shekar 0 comment

Pursuant to  the recent incident that has come to light in respect of misconduct by a teacher in a school in Chennai, and some comments that are surfacing in the social media, the  management of P.S. Senior Secondary School would like to assure parents, students, and all staff members that the school has zero tolerance policy on gender based harassment.  We urge the parents and/or students to come forward and contact any member of the sexual harassment committee, if you or your ward had faced any problems in the school or classroom (online or live).  You may send an email to the Principal or contact Smt. N Logeswari, the counselor.

We assure you utmost confidentiality of the complainant and  strict action will be taken based on inquiry as per law in case of any misconduct on the part of any staff member.

The following are the members of the Sexual Harassment Committee.

1.Smt. Revathy Parameswaran, Principal,
2.Smt. N. Padmasri, Vice Principal,
3.Smt. Patricia Lucy, HOD, Biology,  

4. Smt  N Logeswari, School Counselor (Ph: 9884008549)

5. Mrs R GeethaLakshmi (PTA Representative)



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