Social and Ethical Impact of Biotechnology-A webinar

09-05-20 Radha Shekar 0 comment

A webinar was organised for the biology section of class 12 of PS Senior Secondary School on 9th May, 2020. The webinar was on the topic ‘Social and Ethical Impact of Biotechnology’.

The session was conducted by a science populiser, public speaker and independent researcher Dr. Rajendra Gupta. The webinar emphasised on the importance of Biotechnology in various aspects of science.

The session was very interesting and informative as it included topics like Genetically engineered food enzymes, mechanism of vaccinations, gene therapy for diabetes, cloning technology etc. It was very useful as we could relate to it in our everyday life scenarios. This session was a great eye opener for the students to venture and establish their career in the field of Biotechnology. From the academic point of view also, this webinar was extremely helpful as we got a better insight and understanding of Biotechnology.

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