School reopens on 06/06/2019

05-06-19 Radha Shekar 1 comment

Kind attention Parents and Students

Tomorrow 06/06/2019 is a Regular (Full) working day for all classes L.K.G to XII.



  • Arvind Chandrasekaran

    I am a parent of a current PS Students. I would like you look at few suggestions, from my end
    a. I hope, you understand the current/prevailing weather situations in and around Chennai. I would kindly request for checking of the free air circulations in all the classes (due to prevailing heat conditions). We don’t want any child to be dehydrated and exhausted during school hours
    b. Kindly check out possibilities of 5 days School till mid-July 2019, keeping in mind that both the Weather and Water scarcity issue should naturally get addressed by then. I am sure, by losing 4 Saturdays in this interim, you can catch up, during Aug-Oct period.
    c. As a request, I would recommend, as the Senior members of the school, please go around the Classes, Bathrooms, Computer rooms and Laboratories to check out on proper Ventilation/Air circulation (especially between 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm), for both the Teachers and Students to enjoy the learning process.
    I am sure, the above issues have already been, in your purview. However, thought of highlighting the same (as a gentle reminder), as a parent.
    Feel free to reach out to me, if you needed further clarity on the above.
    Arvind C

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