BMW Programme-Gender equality, feminism and women empowerment.

04-07-18 Radha Shekar 0 comment

My story as a wo(man) is an organisation founded by Subha Nivedha, an alumnae of P.S. Senior Secondary School and a recent law graduate. MSAAW is currently organizing a 6 week workshop with the students of Class XI talking about gender equality, feminism and women empowerment. 
Subha says:
Working in schools, talking to students is such an eye-opener as it is the perfect system to discuss topics scientifically, philosophically and ponder over alternate narratives. We don’t have another place which can be more fitting than a school to discuss these because schools promote knowledge and knowledge is power. This might be just one hour in a week, but this could save a child from trauma and better prepare them for the real world where the challenges are more real and bigger. Newspapers inform us of the problems, but these workshops are working towards finding a solution. This is how change happens.
Workshop in our School

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